All I Want For Christmas is a Good Story…

Twenty Five

This year I have thought that all I would ask for, for Christmas, all that would be on the “List of Things that Kory Mathewson Wants For Christmas” (note the explicit keywords for SEO purposes), is a story.

I would love a story from you. If you are older than 25 years of age, I would love a story of your life when you were 25, if you are younger than 25, I would love a story of what you want your life to be like when you are 25.

Special Note: If, in the unlikely event, you ARE 25 years of age: First, congratulations, isn’t it the best. Secondly, it would be wonderful if you told me a story that started with “The Greatest Part of Being 25 is…”

The story could be in any format. It may be a short story, or a poem. It could be a voice mail, or an email, or a facebook message or a tweet. But, no matter what form, all I want is a story. No need to buy a present, or guess at what would make me smile. A tale of your life is what I would love the most.

If I could collect 25 Stories of Age 25, from my friends and loved ones, I would be the most pleased. So, I ask you, what is your story?

11 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas is a Good Story…”

      1. Ha great!
        Now to actually write..

        I am not yet 25 years old. Funner to look into the future I think anyway 😉

        When I am 25 I want my life to surprisingly similar to how it is now. Only because I am very happy these days. I love my job and would happy to still be there. I love my friends and hope they will stick around too.

        I will have a really cool apartment downtown, where Ill live with 1 or 2 people who I really care about and who I will consider family. We are all creative types who often collaborate together and learn from one another. I will continue to grow as an artist through more freelance work and my personal projects.

        Sometime between now and then I will have another big adventure. Ive worked really hard to be able travel a lot in my life and love it immensely. Now finding myself fresh out of school with a real career though I know its something I know I won’t have the freedom to do on a whim like I used too. So yes – one more big adventure between now and 25 is a must.

        Relationship wise – couldn’t care less. I’m happy single and Ive been happy in past relationships. That being said I don’t want to be single from now until 25.

        And some things less serious. Maybe Ill finally learn how to walk in high heals, maybe my rapping career will take off, maybe Ill loose my title as “the whitest dancer of all time”

        Maybe this wasn’t a “story” but its what I want 🙂

  1. A story from when I was 25……hmmmm…now that I an approaching 25X2 I would love the opportunity to go back to being 25 and knowing all that I know now because good or bad my greatest knowledge has come to my attention in the last few years……my 25th year was a year of great change for me I ended a dead end relationship, quit a great job, left a small community and a lot of great friendships to move to the big city all by myself and return to university and finish a degree I had put aside to figure out what I really wanted in life….I mustered up all my courage to do it and once I did it I wasn’t as afraid or lonely in the big city as my rural upbring had led me to expect……I was an introvert and found it difficult to meet people in my classes……I needed another option…..back then no Facebook no Twitter, no internet…….no online personals but the Edmonton Journal had personal columns back then…..I met my future husband that way… two children likely think this is odd but things were different then…..i don’t tell to many people that story because it seemed like such a desperate way to meet people. Now online dating and online friendship are the norm. He didn’t turn out to be the love of my life…..or a life long partner but I have two amazing kids out of that story…..classified ads? Does anyone do that anymore???? That story was kept classified most of the last 25 years never even told my family how we had actually met but now I can look back and just be grateful!

  2. I turned 25 on January 4, 1989. I had just been married a few months earlier to your favourite uncle and we were gearing up to move the Yukon. It was a huge and exciting time for us. We drove the Alaska highway at -35. At one point we came across a truck int eh ditch. 2 young Alaskan guys headed to Seattle to go to university. They were terribly stuck. EVERY vehicle that came along stopped and stayed until we go them out. No one would consider leaving until they were safely on the road again. We arrived in Whitehorse on January 29th (or so) and moved into government housing (a drafty duplex) at the top of two mile hill. The first night in town we saw a movie. Rain Man. Rob walked 10 minutes to work (Water Survey). Me and our black lab pup Satchmo would walk to meet him as he came home for lunch and after work. I was excited by the adventure of being in the north so far from our friends and family. After a month or so settling in I started to look for work. When I hadn’t found anything after a couple months we decided I should wait until fall to get something. That way I could travel with Rob when he went out to do field work. We had so much fun exploring and camping. I helped Rob some when we were out. Hauling gear, holding the survey rod, helping however I could. The Yukon was mountains, rivers, trees, and so much wilderness. And a lot of mosquitoes. We also both missed our families so much. It took us a couple years to get through that. You’ve only ever known us to live away which is what we really like now but it wasn’t always that way. When I wasn’t travelling around with Rob I needed things to do. I walked the Satchmo for hours and would come up with something constructive to accomplish everyday so I wouldn’t become depressed. We didn’t have a TV nor did we have a computer. I read lots of books and wrote long letters by hand. We set up a stained glass studio in our basement in started to make some things. In November I started working for the telephone company in the accounting department. There was a phenomenal backlog of work but I was really to work hard so the position and demands suited me well. My dad was very ill with cancer throughout this year. He and my mom visited in May which was really nice. Talking on the phone on Christmas day my sister said that dad was not doing well at all. We made a rushed trip home and I visited with him during the first week in January and stayed with him in the hospital. I was very glad to have made the trip. He died 5 weeks later.

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