My Favorite Street Art

The Art of Liverpool

I find Liverpool, a small city and metropolitan borough of Merseyside, England, United Kingdom along the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary, to be an incredible city. It is filled with such a vibrancy for arts and culture. I recently, Apr 2-8, had the opportunity to travel to Liverpool for the Impropriety 2013 Improvathon: Goin’ West, the entirety of which was liveblogged by the hilarious Doctor Captain, and illustrated and interpreted by the amazingly talented Jazamin Sinclair.

Thank you to all the amazing friends in Liverpool, and London, for your hospitality. I look forward to seeing you again soon, when you all come to Edmonton for the Die Nasty Soapathon!


Improvisation in Vancouver

April 25 – April 29 was spent in Vancouver, British Columbia. I had an amazing trip, met some interesting new folks, and of course spent time with some of the best improvisors I know. There is a thirst, and a passion for improv, and creating performance art, in Vancouver, that I so wish for in Edmonton.

The intimacy, and sincerity of Thursday’s nights Ghost Jail, to two Friday night shows at a packed Vancouver Theatresports League on Granville Island, to Saturday’s Rapp Battlez, and Sunday’s quaint hot as fire Sunday Service show.

To think that I was in the city for 4 nights, and was in 5 shows, is mind boggling to me. As I usually get 2, maybe 3, maximum in Edmonton, with Rapid Fire Theatre and Die Nasty. Not to mention that the community is filled with wonderful people who will make you dinner, on a BBQ Debut.

As always, it is a treat Vancouver, I can’t wait to be in you. Thank you to everyone who I saw, and sorry to everyone who I did not see… come party in Edmonton, I will be here, with the snow.



Rapid Fire Theatre Level 4 Workshop

What a wonderful workshop series I shared over the last four Sunday’s with such talented improvisors, in teaching Level 4 Improv: Introduction to Long Form, with Rapid Fire Theatre. It is a true inspirational to work with such free minded talent. The uninhibited work, in the progression of improvisational skills, performed by these student’s continues to impress me, and remind me, that the truest improv comes from a place of honesty, fun AND challenge. We should never shy away from trying something new, from moving outside of our comfort zone, and exploring what we are afraid of.

With that in mind, we worked on two huge topics: Riding the Audience’s Laugh Crescendo by Riffing and Hitting Runs on the Bits and Singing in Improv. As Level 4 is a long-form centric workshop. We are exploring these topics in the context of a great improv long form. We had an absolute blast working on finding the collective fun, and ruthlessly exploring every angle of a joke, or character, or reaction, or emotion. Then, the incredibly talented Joel Crichton came in and accompanied on the piano. I must say, I was sincerely impressed by the talent, and the ability to immediately jump in and perform, of the students in the class.

As with all the Workshop Students with Rapid Fire Theatre these days, they will have a chance to perform on stage, all the wonderful lessons they have learned: THE WORKSHOP GRADUATION SHOW is Thursday March 28.

With such a pool of talented improvisors, there is discussion about extending the workshop series to include a potential RFT ensemble group, which would be more intense and demanding, but also provide more development, production, and training experience… Interested to see how that discussion will progress.

Photos by the amazing Kyle Mathewson