Invisalign: Brace Yourself

Invisalign lets you see both your teeth and correction results fast!

Finished my course of Invisalign braces (started Dec. 2014, done Feb. 2015).  Every two weeks you switch the aligners (thin transparent retainers), every s you check in at the dentist to make sure all your teeth are being shifted according to the dynamic model of correction that the company creates based on some positive / negative molds and 3D scanning.

If you are considering these, I would consider a few things. Research on Google Scholar, the private company Align Technology Inc. stocks, and the cleaning of the trays with fancy crystals and an electric toothbrush.

Progress Pictures

Took some progress pictures over the 13 months. They go from oldest in the top left to newest in the bottom right. The also include some choice faces.

The big background picture is a positive mold of my teeth circa late 2014.