Moving from Dreamhost to Bluehost

After 1 too many bad customer service responses, and lack of interest in a client in this supplier filled economy, I have decided to move to bluehost, from Dreamhost. The migration of all my sites will be long, but bluehost and backupbuddy make it a little less painful.

Sorry Dreamhost, but also, suck less next time.

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  1. Hi. I’m looking at doing exactly that for –I guess– similar reasons. Dremhost “procwatch” process has been killing PHP processes on my website for no apparent reasons. And they are not very helpful (and no, I haven’t recently installed 50 new script hungry plugins: I’ve been running the same 15 plugins for about a year). I also make use of Backupbuddy. Do you have any tutorial to recommend? And how’s the experience at BlueHost so far?

    1. As I said to Jody, the experience so far has been incredible. The sites are running much faster and more robust. Far fewer Database Connection errors. I love BackupBuddy and it was perfect for the migration. I don’t have a great tutorial, but you should be able to figure it out relatively quickly… Not sure what kind of sites you have (size, and maybe other factors) but at a very basic level, a server migration looks like this:

      Server Migration Task List as following:

      • Backup database and server files.
      • Upload files to BH server.
      • Create new mysql database in BH server.
      • Import database to BH mysql database created just now.
      • Login to godaddy domain manager and change NameServer to BH NS.
      • Wait for domain propagation.
    1. Sorry about the delay in the reply.

      Bluehost has been amazing since the transition. Faster, more responsive, better support, cleaner temporary URL’s for staging servers. I have nothing but great things to say about Bluehost in the comparison between the two. It runs much much faster, tested across a tonne of different test conditions. And, I find the backend cPanel a little cleaner and easier. Only thing that I miss is the automatic Google Apps DNS Records set up with Dreamhost.

      1. Cool. Thanks for the info. I just set my first client up on Bluehost and have been pleasantly impressed. Everything you mentioned are definite pluses. I appreciate the feedback.

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