Low Budget January

Low budget January was a major success, I spent only $246 on food for the entire month. I was able to make six (6) full on meals in the slow cooker. I projected 10, but only had the time to make, and get through 6 of them, and that is with freezing, and inviting over a few eater friends.

LBJ was incredibly successful, with a focus on downsizing, I was able to sell some things I didn’t need, and come out way ahead of where I thought I would be financially.

Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Heitor Abrahao Seminar with Rocca BJJ

Rocca Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is my BJJ home, where I train under Misty Shearer (Blackbelt) and Bryan Hogeveen (Brown Belt). Rocca BJJ is under Heitor Abrahao / De La Riva.

I was recently awarded a white stripe on my White Belt, and I was honoured to take part in a seminar with Heitor Abrahao himself at WTTU Martial Arts, with Randy Hamilton.

Thanks for the photos Mufty!

All I Want For Christmas is a Good Story…

This year I have thought that all I would ask for, for Christmas, all that would be on the “List of Things that Kory Mathewson Wants For Christmas” (note the explicit keywords for SEO purposes), is a story.

I would love a story from you. If you are older than 25 years of age, I would love a story of your life when you were 25, if you are younger than 25, I would love a story of what you want your life to be like when you are 25.

Special Note: If, in the unlikely event, you ARE 25 years of age: First, congratulations, isn’t it the best. Secondly, it would be wonderful if you told me a story that started with “The Greatest Part of Being 25 is…”

The story could be in any format. It may be a short story, or a poem. It could be a voice mail, or an email, or a facebook message or a tweet. But, no matter what form, all I want is a story. No need to buy a present, or guess at what would make me smile. A tale of your life is what I would love the most.

If I could collect 25 Stories of Age 25, from my friends and loved ones, I would be the most pleased. So, I ask you, what is your story?

WordPress 3.5 and the Race to 1 Million Downloads

WordPress is the future of web publishing.

Eventually, a syndication of personal content sources will motivate users to aggregate their outputs, and maintain their inputs personally.

I, and all these people, seem to have faith in the WP system. WordPress is the engine that could power a transformation of the social web from feeder (my Twitter and facebook) and aggregation to localized containment, personal responsibility, and unified personal content.