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2013 Edmonton Fringe Festival Review Aggregation and Stats

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Halfway through the first weekend of Fringe and the reviews are coming in full steam. The Review Aggregator is doing a great job at helping you find the shows with the top reviews across the board, from the Edmonton Journal, the Edmonton Sun, VUE Weekly and several reviews from Global. Are there other sources of reviews? Just let me know and I will add them to the aggregator.

Stats of the Moment: #

Total shows in the 2013 Edmonton Fringe Festival: 216 Total shows reviewed: 103 Total number of reviews written: 213 Total Edmonton Journal: 58 | Average Score: 3.33 Total Edmonton Sun: 18 | Average Score: 3.47 Total VUE Weekly: 70 | Average Score 2.91

Most sparkling review: Countries Shaped Like Stars by VUE Weekly Least sparkling review: The GREAT Decline of the Hollywood Empire by The Edmonton Journal

2013 Fringe Festival

There are consistently several people viewing the Google Doc, which is great, hard to get some statistics on that… any ideas?