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30 songs, 30 years.

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As you may know, June 5 is the date of my birth… As you may not know, for the last several years I have attempted to curate very specific gifts from friends and loved ones all over the planet.

This year, my 30th, I would like you to submit a song, your own or one from popular culture. I am hoping to collect 30 songs, so that I may create a double-sided birthday mixtape. Feel free to submit the Artist-Title, the lyrics, or a YouTube link. It can be a song that you wrote, that you performed, or just one that you love.

These can be songs that I introduced you to, or that you introduced me to. They can be musical, or funny, or sad, or capture something in the connection that we share. These can be songs that are long or short, maybe we listened to them together one time, or it was that song that you can never remember the name of but makes you think of me.

Imagine that we are two points floating around in space; if you were to travel from one point to the other… what song would play in our minds the middle of your journey? What song lies at the intersection of you and I?

Feel free to comment on this post, send it to me on facebook, or email me privately to submit.

Some may ask: “Kory, can I submit more than one song?”, “Thank you for asking, yes of course, but no more than three. And double points if you can tell a rich narrative with three songs.”

As a reminder looking back on past years…