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33 DIY How To's for my 33rd Birthday

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I have been contemplating, my 2020 resolution.

It takes effortful understanding. It makes me think about how others think. While internal, we often contemplate the thoughts/ideas/creations/interactions of others.

How do other people do the things that they do?

For my 33rd birthday (June 5th), I want you to share with me a how-to tutorial video showing me how you do something you do.

Submission #

Please record a short video – 2-3 minutes, on your smartphone or computer – describing how to do something.

You can email the video to me privately, or post it up online on Youtube or Vimeo and send me the link on Twitter, or submit it through this handy online form: a fancy form where you can upload your file.

There are so many things that I have learned from family and friends, like ‘how to start knitting a scarf’, and ‘how to water a blooming bougainvillea’ . I’d love to have some artifacts to look back at to remember how I was told to best do these things!

Previous Birthdays #

As with each year prior, the goal is to collect one for every year I have lived, this year that would be 33. Over the past years I have asked for some interesting collective creation gifts for my birthday:

If you are thinking to yourself: “how the heck do I film a video and then send it to you?” Reach out and I would be happy to walk you through it with a little hands-on interactive tutorial.

If you are thinking to yourself: “what the heck are you talking about? I have no frame of reference and this doesn’t make sense to me.”

Well, here is an example of my brother describing to me how to remove pomegranate seeds with one tool and no hand washing:

And, a video I made about some cures for sore throats: