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37 Questions for my 37th Birthday❓

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A Year of Deeper Connections #

This year, I’m turning 37. I’m drawn to the idea of deepening connections and exploring the vulnerability that comes with truly getting to know someone.

Inspired by the famed “36 Questions That Lead to Love” by psychologist Arthur Aron, this year I am asking for: a question that fosters closeness.

For my 37th birthday (June 5th), I’d love for you to share a question inspired by this list. What question would you ask me – or someone you care about – to deepen your connection?

You can riff on one of the existing questions, or come up with your own entirely. The most important thing is that your question encourages meaningful reflection and sharing.

A Bonus Round of Sharing #

If you’re feeling extra generous, I’d love to hear your answer to one of the questions from the list! Choose whichever question resonates with you most, and share your response. It could be your own, or a different one altogether.

Curiosity, aka Why This Matters #

I believe that the right questions have the power to unlock deeper understanding and connection. By sharing a question that’s meaningful to you, you’re contributing to a collection of conversational sparks that can ignite meaningful dialogue and bring people closer.

You can email it to me.

Previous Birthdays #

My goal is to collect at least one for every year I have lived, this year that would be 37. If you are curious about previous years, check them out below: