Dr. Kory Wallace Mathewson.Kory Mathewson and Blueberry (NewTrail)

Kory Mathewson is a Canadian Comedy Award winning improvisor, producer, and innovative theatre creator. He has shared the stage with top improvisors across Canada, the United States, and Europe. He co-led the symposium “Machines. Perform. Humans.” and presented the work HumanMachine as a featured performance art installation in the exhibit “100 Ways of Thinking” at the Kunsthalle Zürich, Switzerland. Kory has produced and starred in shows at Fringe Theatre Festivals around the world including Improvised TED Talks alongside Julian Faid, and HumanMachine alongside Piotr Mirowski. He has performed at festivals and invited performances around the world. Kory developed the first artificial intelligence to perform improvisation alongside. At the forefront of the art form of improvisation, he brings new techniques and formats inspired by his work in cybernetics and artificial intelligence. He collaborated with Hip.Bang! on Surveil, and improvises with Rapid Fire Theatre and Improbotics.

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