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Capital City Championships Open Tournament 2013: Brazilian jiu-jitsu

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Saturday the 23rd of March 2013, at the Edmonton Military Garrison, I competed, along side an amazing team of Rocca BJJ members, at the Capital City Championships Open Tournament 2013 in Brazilian jiu-jitsu both gi and no-gi Novice 155 to 170lbs divisions. It was an absolute blast of a tournament, and I had an incredible time watching, competing, supporting and even score-keeping one match.

Coaching at the Capital City Championship were mentors Ben and Diego, our most senoir belts in the City, our most experienced competitors, including Misty and Brian were at the IBJJF Pan-America  Championship 2013 in California, USA. Rocca BJJ represented so incredibly in both tournaments this weekend.

I had a few good matches, and met some incredibly nice guys from Grace Barra gym Legends Training Center, under the coaching of Ryan McGillivray.  Both of the fighters from Gracie Barra in my division were strong jiu-jitsu players, with strength and technique, but most of all, they were so nice, happy to chat, and totally free of any “different gym” ego.

Also, this tournament was an interesting experience for me in terms of matching the weight restrictions. More than just the tournament day, I wanted to see if I could make weight at 170lbs. This meant some serious precise diet and exercise motivation. Also, it meant some precise monitoring and control of the loss of weight, I bought a Withings Wifi Scale late last year, and it was very helpful in tracking the weight down to under 170lbs…


Shadows and Highlights all day long Kyle…