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Computer Science Projects

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In September 2014 I started a graduate program in Computer Science at the University of Alberta, in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Since I started the program, I have been able to work on some awesome projects. While I do host some code publicly, lots of the projects do not have public repositories.

Feature Selection and Classification in EEG Motor Imagery #

CMPUT 551: Machine Learning with Dr. Russ Greiner and Dr. Patrick Pilarski

Comparing Contemporary Trackers on Benchmark Datasets #

CMPUT 615: Multiple View Geometry with Dr. Martin Jagersand (YouTube Playlist)

Perceptive Prosthetics #

Dr. Patrick Pilarski

Big Data, Large Scale Psychology Studies using Amazon Turk #

Dr. Kyle Mathewson

Projects in development: #

  • - Find out when your neighborhood will be cleaned.
  • ThisIsLikeThat -¬†Find your favorite restaurant in a new city.
  • Optimal Pub Crawling in Edmonton
  • Eigenfaces in Photobooth Photos
  • Heart Rate from Video