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Edmonton Fringe Festival 2013 Review Aggregator

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After taking 2012 off, the Edmonton Fringe Festival Review Incredible Aggregation Machine is back for 2013. By combining the review scores across the board, from all sources, in one concise, sortable table, finding a great show at the Edmonton Fringe Festival has never been easier.

You can check out the skeleton table here for now, publicly hosted on my Google Docs. Currently it lists all the 214 shows from this years fringe, with a link to the details of that show on the official Fringe website.

Some interesting enhancements that I was interested in implementing this year were a way to track media hits of a show… an aggregated publicity score… not sure exactly how to do this, but if you have an idea … leave a comment below…

Updates to come as the reviews start flooding in. VUE Weekly, under the management of the impenetrable Paul Blinov will most likely get a review of all 214 shows out in the first weekend…

Update 1: Thursday August, 15, 2013 … the reviews start coming in from The Edmonton Journal¬†and The Edmonton Sun. Check out the status of THE AGGREGATOR!

Not sure if there are other sources reviewing this year… does anyone know? Is GigCity going to collect some star reviewers and assign some quantitative metrics to Edmonton Fringe Festival performances?

Of course, shameless plug, I myself am in two Fringe Festival shows this year. My breakout performance in a completely improvised, different every show, musical called Off Book the Musical. As well, I will most likely be reprising my role as Nurse Alan Doctors at the live improvised soap opera Die-Nasty at the Fringe.