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EEGEdu: Interactive Brain Playground

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EEGEdu ( is an interactive brain playground. It is an educational website to learn about electroencephalographic (EEG) brain wave data.

Why is EEGEdu needed? #

EEGEdu teaches the basics of EEG hardware, data recording, analysis and experimental design. It is a robust tool which allows for users to understand how to connect brain sensors to browser interactions. Other software solutions can be cumbersome and serve as a barrier to entry when learning about EEG.

What is EEGEdu? #

It is a teaching tool being used in the classroom that allows for students to interact with their own brain waves. EEGEdu is browser-based which allows students to interact with EEG brain data without having to install any software. EEGEdu provides students of all sorts an accessible introduction to working with their own brain waves.

In a series of interactive modules we explain how EEG works, and various techniques that can be used to measure brain activity.

Project Details #

EEGEdu is an open source collaborative project with NeurotechX’s NeurotechEdu and Interaxon. The online tutorial is made using a Muse connection by Web Bluetooth using muse-js by Uri Shaked who has an excellent introduction to EEG A Techy’s Introduction to Neuroscience.

The site is made with ReactJS and styled with polaris from Shopify. Charts are made with Chart.js and p5.js and the machine learning is built using ml5.js. The data is processed using Neurosity’s eeg-pipes by Alex Castillo who also has an excellent post about EEG and the web called Muse 2016 Headband + Web Bluetooth.

EEGEdu - An Interactive Electrophysiology Tutorial with the Muse brought to you by Mathewson Sons. A KyKorKey Production.