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Improvisation in Vancouver

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April 25 - April 29 was spent in Vancouver, British Columbia. I had an amazing trip, met some interesting new folks, and of course spent time with some of the best improvisors I know. There is a thirst, and a passion for improv, and creating performance art, in Vancouver, that I so wish for in Edmonton.

The intimacy, and sincerity of Thursday’s nights Ghost Jail, to two Friday night shows at a packed Vancouver Theatresports League on Granville Island, to Saturday’s Rapp Battlez, and Sunday’s quaint hot as fire Sunday Service show.

To think that I was in the city for 4 nights, and was in 5 shows, is mind boggling to me. As I usually get 2, maybe 3, maximum in Edmonton, with Rapid Fire Theatre and Die Nasty. Not to mention that the community is filled with wonderful people who will make you dinner, on a BBQ Debut.

As always, it is a treat Vancouver, I can’t wait to be in you. Thank you to everyone who I saw, and sorry to everyone who I did not see… come party in Edmonton, I will be here, with the snow.