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Other Resources for the Contemporary Improvisor

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Recently, I posted a big ol’ list of the best books about improvisation. I did this for two reasons:

  1. I like to keep my resources in order; and
  2. To provide references for other improvising teachers / students / directors to enjoy.

The post generated a lot of chatter on Facebook about great resources on improv and acknowledged that sometimes the best writing on improvisation is unpublished. While the collection of books may provide a great corpus of our extemporaneous art form, there exist far fewer critical contemporary writings / improv blogs / podcasts on improvisation, save for a few well curated, and more importantly updated regularly, resources online. Without further adieu, here is the small subset that I subscribe to:

  1. Improv Nonsense by Will Hines
  2. Improv Octopus by Alex Berg
  3. The Way of Improvisation by Dave Morris (and others)
  4. People and Chairs
  5. Improv Nerd by Jimmy Carrane
  6. The Backline - An Improv Podcast
  7. The Improv Resource Center

These are incredible resources from contemporary thinkers in the improv world today… if I am missing something, let me know and I am happy to add them to the list.