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What is PORTAGING? #

Portaging involves carrying watercrafts over land between bodies of water. In the water, the boat carries the humans and vice-versa on land. Portaging requires human cooperation with artificial tools and natural elements of earth, wind, and water.

Portaging extends a single human’s capabilities into a collective that is augmented by technology. In portaging, the journey into the unknown traverses the collaborative ridge between human and non-human, natural and artificial, physical and mechanical.

PORTAGING is a live performance combining artificial intelligence-based generative models for text and images. Co-creative artists build a shared language and devise a shared narrative together. The journey along narrative arcs is buoyed and accelerated by generative models.

PORTAGING’s interactive digital performance immerses audiences in a shared experience where their reactions change the way the stories unfold. Active audience interaction encourages the way the narrative heads, much like the wind in the sails of a boat.

PORTAGING in an exploration of artificial intelligence and co-creative artistry which produces an ever-evolving journey into the unknown.

PORTAGING presented at the NeurIPS 2022 Workshop on Machine Learning for Creativity and Design. PORTAGING uses Dramatron for story co-writing.

Credits #

  Tom White         @dribnet
  Kory Mathewson    @korymath
  Piotr Mirowski    @piotrmirowski
  Juliette Love     @juliettelove29
  Hannah Johnston   @hannahjdotca

  Jason Baldridge   @jasonbaldridge
  Irina Blok        @irinablok
  Josh Larson       @godatplay
  kaliyuga          @kaliyuga_ai    

  Google’s Parti
  OpenAI’s DALL-E2
  Stable Diffusion

Dramatron is created by 
  Piotr Mirowski
  Kory Mathewson
  Jaylen Pittman
  Juliette Love 
  Richard Evans