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36 Best Things To Do In and Around Portland

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With only 36 days in a brand new city, there exists slight battle between the time you have and the things that you get to do in that time.

With so many recommendations (online, in books and magazines and from anyone that I mentioned the city of Portland to),  it made me think about how little hype there is about awesome things to do in my home town of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. What’s the deal with that? Could I make a similar list for Edmonton?

The 36 Best Things To Do In and Around Portland:

  1. Eat/drink at Branch Whiskey BarSalt & StrawBollywood TheatreGrain and Gristle, Tin Bucket, Lardo, TeoteCultured Caveman, Stumptown Dumplings, Candy Babel, Voodoo DoughnutsNong’s Khao Man Gai, Bailey’s Taproom, Podnah’s, Tasty n Sons, Screen Door, Ha VL, Le Pigeon, Pok Pok (noi)
  2. Buy a book at Powell’s Books (details)
  3. Explore the city on foot by running a bunch
  4. Get a bike, and explore the city on bike (Springwater Corridor Trail)
  5. Get to the coast in Astoria
  6. Perform a show at the amazing Curious Comedy Theatre
  7. Monster hike/run in Forest Park (details)
  8. Show someone around town
  9. Cross the Willamet on every bridge (St. Johns, Fremont, Broadway, Steel, Burnside, Morrison, Hawthorne, Marquam, Ross Island, Sellwood) (details)
  10. Swim in the mighty Willamet River
  11. Explore Vancouver, Washington by crossing the Columbia River
  12. Dip in Maltinoma Falls
  13. Explore sanctuary and tranquility at The Grotto and the Rocky Butte Natural Area
  14. Hike to Angel’s Rest above the Gorge (“like you’re on a balcony over a great auditorium”)
  15. Hike up the Oneonta Gorge
  16. Hike up Council Crest
  17. Bike up and down Mount Tabor
  18. Summit Mount Hood
  19. Relaxing float down the Clackamas River
  20. Hug a monster redwood in the Hoyt Arboretum
  21. Pull a petal in the International Rose Test Garden (details)
  22. Photobooth (Florida Room, Dots, Ace Hotel, Beulahland)
  23. Patron the Saturday Market and Portland Farmers Market
  24. Visit the Nike Factory Store and the Adidas Campus
  25. Traverse the best streets in Portland: Alberta, Hawthorne, Burnside, Belmont, Fremont
  26. Live eclectic at the McMenamins Kennedy School and the Bagdad Theatre (details)
  27. Sip some hot stuff and soak in the vibe at the Lan Su Chinese Garden (details)
  28. Develop a slight jealousy over the incredible grocers both local (Alberta Co-op) and larger (Whole Foods, Trader Joes)
  29. Nude soak and sauna at the Common Ground Wellness Center
  30. Devour a steak at the Acropolis (details)
  31. Shoot for a high score at the Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade
  32. Train, Trail, Tram and Trolley on the 4T Trail around the whole city.
  33. See a main stage show at the Keller Auditorium (Book of Mormon)
  34. Attend a spectator sport like the Trail Blazers, Timbers, Winterhawks, Thorns
  35. Kayak to Ross Island
  36. Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Being away from your home town makes you really think about the things you love in a city, what you find valuable, and what you miss. And some photos of the adventures are below: