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Selected Press #

  1. Can AI-generated improvised comedy be funny? BBC News. Nov 2022.
  2. Artificial Intelligence Can Now Craft Original Jokes—And That’s No Laughing Matter TIME Magazine. Jan 2022.
  3. Stand-up comedy ‘written by bots’ is still one big joke ABC News, Tom Williams, Aug 3 2021.
  4. How 3 brothers solved a tech glitch that was crashing Alberta’s COVID-19 vaccine booking tool CBC News Edmonton. Feb 2021.
  5. ‘You saved my day’: Edmonton man finds fix to vaccine portal glitch CTV News Edmonton. Feb 2021.
  6. Twitter bot tracks abusive tweets against female politicians. CTV News Edmonton. April 2019.
  7. Artificial intelligence takes over Edmonton improv show at Citadel. Global News Edmonton. January 2019.
  8. Tech talks: Artificial intelligence takes on humans in new improv show. Edmonton Journal. January 2019.
  9. Artificial intelligence put to the test during Edmonton Fringe Festival show. Global News Edmonton. September 2018.
  10. AI Attempts Improv Comedy And It Goes Hilariously Wrong. IFL Science. September 2018.
  11. AI Is Tackling Yet Another Creative Medium: Improv Comedy. Mental Floss. September 2018.
  12. AI tries bad improv comedy to trick people into thinking it is human. New Scientist. September 2018.
  13. So a Computer Walks Into a Bar… Wall Street Journal. September 2018.
  14. Improbotics: Bringing machine intelligence into improvised theatre. TechXplore. September 2018.
  15. Edmonton Fringe Review: HumanMachine: Artificial Intelligence Improvisation. Vue Weekly. August 2018.
  16. A Robot Walks Into a Bar. But Can It Do Comedy? New York Times. August 2018.
  17. Artificial intelligence leads to real comedy for PhD student. UofA Folio. August 2018.
  18. Man and machine meld as robots take stage in Fringe improv show. Edmonton Journal. August 2018.
  19. Siblings in science. UofA Science Contrours. Summer 2018.
  20. Artificial Intelligence is changing the world. Are we ready for it? Globe and Mail. Summer 2018.
  21. make ’em laugh. Q&A with Kory and Blueberry. New Trail, University of Alberta Alumni Magazine, Spring 2018.
  22. Meet Blueberry: The Robot Designed to Make you Laugh. Bloomberg. May 2018.
  23. Hello World Canada: The Rise of AI (Bloomberg), May 2018.
  24. Teaching Machines to be Funny (TVO), Mar 2018.
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  26. This A.I. Is Learning How to be Human by Doing Improv Comedy.  Inverse. Dec 1 2017.
  27. Music and Artificial Intelligence. Will Artificial Intelligence Elevate Pop Music or Pervert It? (The Answer is Yes). Sept 12 2017.
  28. Meet the smart robots with artificial irreverence. The Times of London. March 2017.
  29. El cerebro artificial que piensa por ti. (Spanish). Will machines end up being smarter than man? Feb 12 2017.
  30. Interview: Comedians to Watch in 2017 - HumanMachine. The Phoenix Remix. December 2016.
  31. Top 40 Under 40 Profile on Kory Mathewson. Avenue Magazine. Nov 2016.
  32. The Man in the Machine - PhD researcher Kory Mathewson looks at the good and bad sides of artificial intelligence). Edmonton Examiner. Oct 2016.
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  35. Biomedical engineering PhD graduate’s studies hit close to home. University of Alberta, Faculty of Engineering. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Nov 19 2014.