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The Professors

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The Professors are college professors at Rapid Fire University (RFU). They who “prove” an absurd hypothesis suggested by the audience over the course of an improvised lecture. The show features Kory Mathewson, Julian Faid, and Joe Vanderhelm, with adjunct professor Tara Koett. The Professors represents collaboration from Rapid Fire Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with direction support from Joe Bill, and set design support from Gordie Lucius.

Not since Severn Darden delivered his ponderous, droll lectures in the early 60s have improvisors waded so deeply (or so successfully) into these murky intellectual waters.

Using every intellectual weapon at their disposal, these funny, verbally facile performers spoof sloppy thinking, popular culture, and the foibles of academics. Their secrets? Sarcasm, outrageous puns, digressive story telling, and exceptionally complicated diagrams on the blackboard.

They think too much, therefore they are too much.

If you want to see what a show looks like on a video, you can watch a show from January 25 2020 at Rapid Fire Theatre in Edmonton, Canada.

The show is inspired by prior performances and productions from the cast including TEDxRFT: Improvised TED Talks and 6 Degrees of Science. Concept inspiration from Annoyance Theatre’s Modern Problems in Science with Rich Fulcher, Phil Gronchy, Dick Costello, and Joe Bill.